Dr. Linda Backman

Dr. Linda Backman


Dr. Linda Backman is a licensed psychologist. Since 1993, she has guided innumerable individuals in regression hypnotherapy to access their past and between lives. In 1997, she and her husband, Dr. Earl Backman, established the The Ravenheart Center, a Mystery School in Boulder, Colorado, dedicated to guiding individuals to discover their path as a soul. In addition, Dr. Backman co-founded The International Between Lives Regression Network in 2005, a network for regression therapists and for the promotion of awareness among the general public, in the US and abroad, of the benefits and purpose of Regression Hypnotherapy.



Past Shows:

  • Reincarnation & Angels / Afterlife Perspectives

    Regression therapist Linda Backman discussed reincarnation and the angelic realm. Followed by education professor Roger Straughan sharing varying viewpoints on the afterlife.More »
  • Reincarnation & Souls / Religious Miracles

    Regression therapist, Linda Backman shared her research about reincarnation and souls. Followed by religious demonology expert Adam Blai on the nature of miracles.More »
  • Life of a Medium / Past Lives & Souls

    Allison DuBois discussed what it's like being a medium and profiler. Followed by Dr. Linda Backman on reincarnation and souls.More »
  • Prophecy & Blood Moon/ Reincarnation & Souls

    Mark Biltz discussed the prophetic implications of the next 'Blood Moon.' Followed by Linda Backman on her research of reincarnation and souls.More »
  • Past Lives & Reincarnation

    Regression therapist Dr. Linda Backman discussed her research of reincarnation, past lives, and the time that souls spend between incarnations. The hypnotic regression method she uses involves breathing and imagery techniques, with clients shifting into brain wave patterns...More »

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