Chris Aubeck

Chris Aubeck


Based in Madrid, Spain, Chris Aubeck is the author of dozens of articles on Fortean themes in English and Spanish and co-author of Wonders in the Sky with Jacques Vallee. He is also the director and co-founder of the research group Magonia Exchange, an amazing team of like-minded writers and researchers who tirelessly gather clippings and reports from obscure sources dating from antiquity to 1947, aiming to build the largest archive of early Fortean material in the world. His approach is methodical, skeptical and open-minded to the reality (or lack thereof) of weird events.



Past Shows:

  • UAP Research / Historical Alien Beliefs

    Prof. Mike Cifone discussed academic debate and dialogue in the UFO field. Followed by UFO researcher Chris Aubeck with the history of how we came to believe in aliens.More »
  • UFOs Across History/ Real X-Files

    Chris Aubeck, UFO researcher and author of "Return to Magonia," joined George Knapp to discuss UFO cases from the last 500 years, showing that reality can be more interesting than any popular catch-all theory. First hour guest, US Navy physicist, Bruce Maccabee, discussed...More »

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