Peter Bedard

Peter Bedard


With a MA in Consciousness Studies and his extensive training in Hypnotherapy, Peter Bedard has helped thousands of people heal. Through his expertise working with anxiety, addiction, and pain (physical, emotional, spiritual) Peter has developed a tried and true process for creating your own path to wellness-- Convergence Healing. Throughout his personal healing process, Peter discovered the power of holistic therapies. With this understanding he has created a thriving one-on-one private practice, workshops, and talks.



Past Shows:

  • Alternative Medicine/ Healing Pain

    In the first half, Dr. Joel Wallach joined George Noory to discuss how to benefit from natural healing and diet without using modern medicine. In the latter half,Peter Bedard, who has an MA in consciousness studies and extensive training in hypnotherapy and alternative...More »

Last Night

Dorothy Kilgallen & JFK / Spirit Guides
Dorothy Kilgallen & JFK / Spirit Guides
Investigative reporter Mark Shaw shared his latest research on Dorothy Kilgallen and the cover-up of the JFK assassination. Followed by hypnotherapist Dr. Bruce Goldberg on spirit guides.


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