Bishop Plato Angelakis

Bishop Plato Angelakis


Trained at Instituto Sacerdos at Vatican, Rome, Archbishop Plato Angelakis is an ordained Catholic priest with the Oblates of St Therese in Wisconsin as an independent priest in the Old Roman Catholic Rite. With a Doctorate in Ministry and Doctorate of Divinity, he is a canon with the Anglican Missionary Society of the Americas. He is an active member of the American Association of Exorcists, Bishop with The Mexican National Catholic Church (elevated to Archbishop), and the official representative for The Mexican National Catholic Church for Canada. He is Archbishop of the Holy Order of Saint Michael the Archangel, Archdioceses of the Mexican National Catholic Church of Canada. He's also an Exorcist in communion with The Sacred Order of Saint Michael the Archangel, Ontario California. He is also a Registered Nurse, having his Doctorate in Ministry and Doctorate of Divinity.


Past Shows:

  • Conspiracy Theories / Conducting Exorcisms

    Publisher of Skeptic magazine, Michael Shermer, discussed the reasons people believe in conspiracy theories. Followed by Orthodox Catholic priest, Plato Angelakis and Lucie Bellerive (aka Sister Lucie Sophie Marie) on exorcisms.More »

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