Laurie Calzada

Laurie Calzada


Laurie Calzada is an entrepreneur, author, speaker, media host, and life coach. Having sold her last corporation in 2010, she now dedicates her time to helping others achieve great levels of success in life and business. She has hosted a monthly TV talk show, The Big Money Idea, and has written and presented on many topics such as leadership, mastering change, coaching, team building, and finding your purpose in life. Her message is about empowering people…personally and professionally…to make a difference in the world and the lives they touch.



Past Shows:

  • Jade Helm 15

    Author and researcher Steve Quayle discussed why many people are concerned about Jade Helm 15 - a special forces training exercise scheduled to take place this summer across seven Southwestern states. First hour guest, speaker and life coach Laurie Calzada talked about...More »

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