Dr. Sergio Canavero

Dr. Sergio Canavero


Sergio Canavero (MD, US FMGEMS) is a functional neurosurgeon. He is the discoverer of the genesis of central pain syndromes: for this feat, he has been hailed as "benefactor of mankind" and "Italian genius of the first order" by the US website painonline.org (2007). He is a leading expert in the field of electrical and chemical neuromodulation: he invented extradural motor cortex stimulation for Parkinson disease, bifocal cortical stimulation for the vegetative state and co-introduced extradural cortical stimulation for stroke rehabilitation. His books include: Central Pain Syndrome, Textbook of Therapeutic Cortical Stimulation, the Textbook of Cortical Brain Stimulation and, in Italian, two books on human sexual behavior.



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