James T. Lacatski

James T. Lacatski


James T. Lacatski was the Defense Intelligence Agency program manager, contracting officer representative (COR), security coordinator, and counterintelligence coordinator for the Advanced Aerospace Weapon System Applications Program (AAWSAP), a $22 Million UFO research effort. Jim has a BS, MS, and D.Eng in Nuclear Engineering with expertise in fusion plasmas and directed energy weapons. In 2007, Jim met Robert Bigelow and Senator Harry Reid leading to the start of AAWSAP in 2008.


Past Shows:

  • Secret Govt. UFO Program / Spooky Encounters

    George Knapp, joined by Colm Kelleher, and James Lacatski, former DIA manager, talked about their new book, on the connection between a UFO program and Skinwalker Ranch. Followed by paranormal investigator John Russell on his spooky encounters.More »

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