Jeremy Corbell

Jeremy Corbell


Jeremy Kenyon Lockyer Corbell is an American contemporary artist and investigative filmmaker based in Los Angeles, California. A warrior who trained Jiu-Jitsu for the majority of his life, he teaches and does seminars around the world. The transition from warrior to artist began when he acquired a near-fatal respiratory disease that changed his direction.

Jeremy Corbell is an investigative filmmaker based in Los Angeles California who documents extraordinary people and their belief systems. His research has taken him into the worlds of nanotechnology, aerospace exploration, exotic propulsion systems, as well as an in-depth examination into the life and discoveries of the enigmatic “Godfather of Conspiracy” John Lear. Corbell has documented the surgical removal of alleged off-world alien implants, and has filmed NASA's analysis of anomalous materials alleged to be physical evidence of extraterrestrial nano-technology from UFO landing sites. Corbell has obtained deathbed confessions from former CIA and government intelligence officials who claim to expose the truth about UFOs and the worldwide coverup of the ultimate truth. Corbell’s film work reveals how ideas, held by credible individuals, can alter the way we experience reality and force us to reconsider the fabric of our own beliefs.



Past Shows:

  • UAP Cover-Up

    Investigative Journalist and filmmaker Jeremy Corbell discussed retired intelligence officer David Grusch whistleblowing activity. Followed by Rich Hoffman of the Scientific Coalition for UAP Studies with more on government cover-ups.More »
  • Wild Horse Conservation

    Scott Beckstead with the Center for a Humane Economy and Animal Wellness Action, spoke against the BLM's round-up of wild horse herds. First-hour guest, filmmaker Jeremy Corbell talked about the UFO Congressional hearing.More »
  • Tic Tac UFOs / UAP Hearings

    Documentary director Caroline Cory and technology researcher Dave Mason discussed the true nature of UFOs. Followed by researchers Joe Murgia, Danny Silva, and Ryan Robbins on the first open congressional hearings on UAP.More »
  • Celebrity & the Paranormal

    Four celebrity guests discussed their interest in the mysterious and the paranormal: UFC champion Georges St-Pierre, TV producer and host Jack Osbourne, comedian and actor Dave Foley, and documentary filmmaker Jeremy Corbell.More »
  • Government UAP Report / Extraordinary Contact

    George Knapp welcomed Jeremy Corbell, Joe Murgia, and Danny Silva for a conversation on the long-awaited government UAP report. Followed by Debra Jordan-Kauble on her alien encounters.More »
  • Skinwalker Ranch / Navy UFO Sighting

    Skinwalker Ranch owner Brandon Fugal joined George Knapp to discuss this hot spot for UFOs and high strangeness. Followed by filmmakers Jeremy Corbell and Reuben Langdon, who talked about new images and videos of UFOs reportedly filmed by the US Navy.More »
  • UFOs & the 'Tic Tac' Incident

    Documentary filmmaker Jeremy Corbell spoke on the Navy's UFO videos, as well as Skinwalker Ranch and Area 51.More »
  • Skinwalker Ranch Secrets

    Brandon Fugal spoke on his ownership of Skinwalker Ranch. Robbie Williams and Jeremy Corbell talked of their transformative experiences there.More »
  • 'Storm Area 51' Phenomenon

    George Harris and Jeremy Corbell spoke about an event at Area 51. Joerg Arnu discussed what really goes on at the top-secret Groom Lake base.More »
  • Bob Lazar & Area 51

    Bob Lazar and filmmaker Jeremy Corbell talked about a new documentary on Lazar's involvement in revealing the story of Area 51 to the public.More »
  • Skinwalker Ranch Phenomena/ WTC Demolitons

    George Knapp and Jeremy Corbell discussed the anomalies on Skinwalker Ranch. Followed by Richard Gage on the WTC attacks and controlled demoltions.More »
  • Mysterious UFO Technology

    Researcher Jeremy Corbell discussed an anomalous craft above the USS Nimitz. 1st hour guest, Leslie Kean talked about the Tom DeLonge announcement.More »
  • UFOs: New Theories & Evidence/ Sgt. Pepper's Influence

    Filmmaker Jeremy Corbell presented new UFO theories and evidence. Followed by Bruce Spizer on the influence of the Beatles' "Sgt. Pepper."More »
  • New Physics/ Mystery Guest

    In the first hour, George Knapp was joined by a filmmaker with a passion for the unexplained, Jeremy Corbell, who discussed his work with a scientist he referred to as "Nano Man." In hour two, he introduced the scientist, Chris Cooper, (Video) a military-funded physicist known...More »
  • Area 51 Revelations, Alien Implants, & Nanotechnology

    George Knapp welcomed documentary filmmaker, artist, and researcher, Jeremy Corbell, for a discussion on his various film projects which cover topics such as ufological icons John Lear and Bob Lazar, alien abductions implants, and a scientist working with advanced...More »
  • Alien Implants & Secret Technology

    Filmmaker and artist Jeremy Corbell discussed his research and work with the late Dr. Roger Leir, who removed dozens of alien implants from people. In Corbell's new film, Patient Seventeen, he explores the truth behind implants, and interviewed the man whom Leir conducted his...More »

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Life After Death
Dr. Leo Ruickbie shared his perspectives on life after death, consciousness, and the paranormal. The final hour of the program was devoted to Open Lines.


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