Carolyn Clapper

Carolyn Clapper


Growing up, Carolyn Clapper saw Spirits and had psychic experiences. However, it wasn’t until her near-death experience with meningitis in 2011, that she experienced a bombshell transition into full-blown mediumship.  Her abilities were magnified by 100 folds or more, with a boundless ability to communicate with Spirit between two worlds. She had been miraculously healed on 11/11/11, and released from her deathbed. Though she had returned from the Next World, her connection remained. After months of giving on spot readings to random strangers in public places, her name began to spread like wildfire. Mediumship took over her life until she finally decided to take it on. Carolyn is now known as the Next World Medium. She has one foot in this world and one foot in the next.

 She's an evidential and medical medium, who has located people both deceased and alive, brought through pathology reports before the autopsy, and has found illnesses and ailments in countless others, which have all then been validated and confirmed by medical doctors. The magnitude of Carolyn's expanded awareness has included everything from hauntings to departed loved ones; missing persons and cold case homicide, to rare and misdiagnosed illnesses; real estate and finances to national and global predictions, all later validated. Recently Carolyn was credited and nationally and internationally recognized for locating a missing person, Theresa Jones, in Louisiana, by phone, pro-bono, from Wisconsin. As Carolyn often reminds others, the credit belongs to Spirit, not her. 


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