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Jimmy Chilcutt

Jimmy Chilcuttpicture


Jimmy Chilcutt is not someone most people would associate with unsubstantiated stories. Chilcutt, 54, is skeptical by nature. His job, as a fingerprint technician at the Conroe Police Department, requires hard-nosed judgments and painstaking attention to detail. He is highly regarded by agents of the FBI, the Drug Enforcement Administration, and state and local law enforcement agencies for his innovative techniques and ability to find fingerprints where others fail. But in doing what comes naturally, being careful and thorough, he ended up rocking his own skepticism about one of the most sensational tales that routinely show up in the tabloids-Bigfoot, also known as Sasquatch.

Past shows:

Bigfoot Roundtable

Researcher Loren Coleman and expedition leader Tom Biscardi were joined by fingerprint technician Jimmy Chilcutt (2nd Hour) and author Smokey Crabtree (3rd Hour) to discuss the elusive creature known as Bigfoot. The evening kicked off with a playing of the song I Still... More »

Mind Matters

Brain researcher and musician Neil Slade returned to C2C as the main guest on Monday night. Sharing such mental techniques as clicking the amygdala, and "mind movie rewrite," (a method to clear out past traumas), Slade said that the use of one's imagination can propel a... More »


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