Chris H. Cooper

Chris H. Cooper


Christopher H. Cooper is the founder of Apollo Resource Corporation, Cooper Core Technologies and Seldon Technologies. His expertise is in nuclear physics, quantum field theory, quantum computation, nanotechnology and large scale nano-manufacturing. He has applied his expertise in nano-materials and nano-manufacturing in the fields of water, fuel, air and water purification, energy production, propulsion, and advanced, high-strength, high conductivity materials.

Besides his scientific background he has experience in corporate leadership, investor relations, and product development. Mr. Cooper holds pending and issued patents in fields such as carbon nanotube textiles and nuclear physics. He has published articles in prestigious publications including the American Journal of Physics and Chemical Review Letters. Mr. Cooper holds an M.A. in physics from the University of Washington and a B.S. in physics from New Mexico State University. He served for two years as an adjunct professor at Dartmouth Collage in the Thayer School of Engineering. Cooper is well-qualified to commercialize carbon nanotube cables and textiles due to his extensive experience in large scale nano-manufacturing.


Past Shows:

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