Corny Koehl

Corny Koehl


Across radio, television, and digital media, Corny Koehl has executive produced for the biggest names in media today. She is a two-time Emmy award-winning producer, and two-time recipient of the Gracie Award for Outstanding Producer from the Alliance for Women in Media.



Past Shows:

  • Wrongful Conviction Case / Finances & Faith

    Producer Corny Koehl discussed the wrongful conviction of Jarvis Jay Masters and efforts to exonerate him. Followed by financial commentator Jim Paris on his prayer method and life story.More »

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Insights & Alien Messages / Open Lines
Insights & Alien Messages / Open Lines
Psychic medium Vincent Genna discussed the latest messages he received from the "Alien Counsel" that he is in contact with, regarding their purpose in coming here. Followed by Open Lines.
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