Crystal Pomeroy

Crystal Pomeroy


Crystal Pomeroy has been working intensively as a healer and teaching metaphysics for more than twenty years. She’s a regular contributor of tips on angels, healing, astrology, rituals, and prosperity for newspapers, magazines, and social media. Her new book, Angels and Goddesses, Manifest your Desires with Angelic Intelligence (Llewellyn 2022) is packed with hundreds of affirmations, invocations and original tips for connecting with light beings and precipitating your powers of manifestation.



Past Shows:

  • Russia-US Tensions / The Angelic Realm

    Nation magazine editorial director Katrina vanden Heuvel discussed the skyrocketing tensions between the US and Russia with a possible war in Ukraine. Followed by radio and TV host Crystal Pomeroy on working with the angelic realm.More »

Last Night

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Alien Contact & Disclosure / Career of George Raft
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