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Dan Cummins started doing standup comedy in 2000. In the years since, he's appeared in his own specials on Comedy Central, as well as on the Tonight Show, Conan on TBS, The Late, Late Show, and numerous other television shows. He's also toured extensively, with thousands of performances across three continents. In addition, he produces and writes for television, and has hosted a talk show.

On his Scared to Death podcast, Dan and his wife Lynze have explored over 200 reportedly true stories on poltergeist activity, shadow people, possession, mysterious disappearances, UFO abductions, demonic attachment, and more. On his Timesuck podcast, Dan has explored numerous conspiracies, ranging from the JFK assassination to Project MK ULTRA to numerous US Government UFO coverups.


Past shows:

Paranormal & Conspiracy Tales / Psychology of Influence

Comedian and podcaster Dan Cummins shared accounts of conspiracies and the paranormal. Followed by behavioral scientist Jon Levy on the psychology of influence. More »

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