Nanci Danison

Nanci Danison


Nanci L. Danison is a writer, a retired health care lawyer and former litigator in a prestigious 270-attorney regional law firm, licensed private pilot, and former licensed private investigator. She holds a BS degree magna cum laude in the double majors of chemistry and biology, a BA degree magna cum laude in psychology, and a doctorate in jurisprudence. "Answers From The Afterlife" is Ms. Danison's fourth book based on the information she brought back from the afterlife gained during one of the most profound and extended near-death experience on record.



Past Shows:

  • Channeling Atlantis / Afterlife Revelations

    Author and channeler Sylvia Diveky shared information about the origins of Atlantis, Earth, and the moon. Followed by former lawyer Nanci Danison on her surprising revelations about the afterlife.More »
  • Wetiko Mind-Virus / Afterlife Experiences

    Teacher and author Paul Levy discussed the Native American idea of the wetiko mind-virus said to infect much of the population. Followed by spiritual author Nanci Danison recounting the wisdom she gleaned from several near-death experiences.More »
  • Immunology Breakthroughs / Manifesting

    Reporter Matt Richtel discussed the extraordinary new science of the immune system. Next, author Nanci Danisontalked about her NDE and manifesting.More »
  • Afterlife Experiences/ Open Lines

    Nanci Danison shared details of her dramatic afterlife experience, and what she learned about life, death, and God. Open Lines Followed.More »

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