Remote Viewing History / Aliens in the Afterlife

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Remote Viewing History / Aliens in the Afterlife

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In the first half, writer and physicist Russell Targ discussed his involvement in creating the Remote Viewing program at the Stanford Research Institute during the Cold War, including his work with the late Ingo Swann. Another great psychic, Pat Price, worked with their program and would occasionally tell them where UFO bases were, he recalled. Price identified one in an Alaskan mountain, another in Australia, and a third in the Pyrenees mountains. The CIA confirmed two of these locations had a lot of "surprising activity" going into and out of them, he noted. Price also accurately described a Soviet weapons factory in Siberia, including the fact that they were building a giant steel sphere to house a particle beam weapon under the facility.

Price, Targ continued, was so skilled he was said to be able to read classified documents hidden in a safe, which alarmed the CIA. Ingo Swann was once asked about what the Pioneer spacecraft would discover when it got to Jupiter, and he responded that it would find a large ice crystal ring no one had seen before. The monitor thought he was confusing the planet with Saturn, but it turned out Swann was correct, and it was proven when the probe arrived there seven months later. With remote viewing, you are looking into the distance or into the future, Targ noted, adding that because he had poor physical eyesight, he believes this helped him to develop his remote viewing abilities. Psychics, he explained, tend to have less control than remote viewers, who generally are more precise and consistent in their targets.


In the latter half, author and near-death experiencer Nanci Danison talked about how those who have afterlife encounters may interact with what we consider to be aliens or non-humans. It's a common feature of an afterlife experience or sometimes an NDE to travel through the universe and other planets, she said. "I think what these deep afterlife experiences and near-death experiences are telling us about aliens is that we're thinking too small," she continued. In our various incarnations, we're not always in a human body. "We can choose to be in anything that we want," Danison remarked. In fact, one of her favorite other lifetimes was as a nebula. "I could feel energy spread out over this huge cloud-like structure that we call a nebula, and it was just amazing."

She also recalled an existence as an alien with 'Klingon'-like ridged skin and orange eyes, and another who flew a shuttlecraft from the space supply station out to the larger spaceships. Other afterlife experiencers revealed that they met various aliens as they traversed the cosmos, including mermaid and ape-like beings and something resembling a bull that was on fire. "It's hard to describe these other creatures because they're not anything that humans have ever seen before," Danison pointed out. An experiencer named Aaron remembered a past life where he was "a collection of a thousand different insects at once," and they were eaten by another creature that he then became part of, she marveled, adding that she remembered hundreds of different lifetimes she'd lived when she was in the afterlife.

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