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Immunology Breakthroughs / Manifesting

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New York Times reporter Matt Richtel joined George Noory for a discussion on his research into the extraordinary new science of the immune system. Richtel admitted he held a misconceived notion of how the immune system functions as a war machine battling every microbe in the body. "The immune system is actually designed to be as cooperative and harmonious with the outside world and the microbes inside us as possible... and only when it faces a very serious threat is it capable of and does it do extreme violence," he revealed.

Richtel shared the medical case of his friend Jason, who received a cancer diagnosis and had been treated for three years with radiation and chemo to no avail. Jason had 15 pounds of tumor on his back doubling every few weeks, and had been admitted into hospice care with no chance of beating the cancer, he reported. According to Richtel, at the last possible moment, Jason was given a new immunotherapy drug and within two weeks his tumor had disappeared. Jason's cancer had duped his immune system into helping it grow but the immunotherapy drug reset his immune system to normal operation, he explained. "What happened inside Jason, and what is happening inside our bodies, while not quite paranormal... it qualifies as cosmic," Richtel suggested.


During the second half of the program, former trial lawyer and spiritual author Nanci Danison talked about her near death experience and how it led to her latest work on manifesting, "Create a New Reality: Move Beyond Law of Attraction Theory." Danison claimed to have seen the creation of the universe and the future of humanity while roaming the afterlife during her NDE. She also discovered heaven is not a place but a state of mind or level of awareness. Everything exists within this energy field that I call Source, Danison explained.

"While I was in the afterlife I was told that humans had this misunderstanding or misinterpretation of how manifesting works, and manifesting is the process by which our creator created the universe," she continued. Danison outlined a major difference between what she considers is the erroneous Law of Attraction, with its focus on using thoughts to attract what one desires from the universe, and manifesting which is an innate spiritual ability on par with God. "We have access to all the knowledge that God, what I call source, has," she revealed, noting how unlike the Law of Attraction, manifesting works every time.

News segment guests: Gary Ridenour / Howard Bloom

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