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Channeling Atlantis / Afterlife Revelations

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A former corporate trainer for Bell Canada, author, and channeler Sylvia Diveky shared information she gleaned about the origins of Atlantis, Earth, and the moon, which correlates and enhances material from Edgar Cayce, Zecharia Sitchin, and Metatron (as channeled by James Tyberonn). Diveky said her main channel is the Egyptian god of wisdom, Thoth. According to the information she received about Atlantis, the legendary civilization's downfall was not brought about by the populace's misdeeds but due mainly to alien marauders (such as the Reptilians, the Anunnaki, and the Draconians). Atlantis, she continued, had an aspect that was in a different dimension, and was connected by light tunnels to other places in the galaxy. Cayce was accurate about the Atlanteans using giant crystals to power their society and the continent's location in the Atlantic ocean, she added.

Atlantis had several configurations dating back to 55,000 BC, Thoth told her, and its most recent landmass that sank (which Plato referred to) was about the size of three Englands. Some of the malevolent aliens weaponized off-planet satellites, and around 65 planetary bodies were targeted, including a Jupiter-sized world that orbited Vega, Diveky contended. In our solar system, another body that was attacked was known as Planet #5 (called Tiamat by the Babylonians), and this blew up in 9595 BC, she said. Our moon actually comes from this 5th planet, she added, noting that Joseph Farrell's research on moon rocks revealed that they are older than the Earth itself.


In the latter half, former lawyer, Nanci Danison, discussed her direct experiences of the afterlife, of which she has had three. The first and longest-lasting one occurred when she was dying of anaphylactic shock during an invasive radiological procedure. During this experience, she was shown future realities of life on Earth. Our planet's history is divided into three epochs, she was informed-- the first was when the dinosaurs roamed, the second we are in now, and the third is one we are currently transitioning into, and it will have far fewer humans on the planet. Souls are being given the opportunity to decide whether they want to help with the transition from the spiritual side, or continue in physical form, she explained. "That's why so many people are dying from COVID," as well as from wars and natural disasters, Danison added.

During her afterlife experiences, she encountered beings of light that can take on any appearance-- it is these beings that are sometimes described as angels, she noted. The Other Side, she revealed, doesn't look like anything, but people who are dying or crossing over may see "manifestations" based on their expectations like crystal cities or beautiful gardens. "We comfort ourselves by projecting what we remember of Earth life into spiritual life until we don't need that level of comfort anymore," Danison detailed. But eventually, all that goes away, and souls experience a "mental and emotional existence," she said. In her case, she was able to completely merge with several of the light beings and vicariously experience all of their past incarnations.

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