Mark Dawidziak

Mark Dawidziak


Mark Dawidziak's many books include fiction and non-fiction, works in the horror field, and on Mark Twain, and volumes of theater and television history. A theater, film, and television reviewer for more than 35 years, he has been the TV critic at the Cleveland Plain Dealer since 1999. Also an actor and director, he often plays Mark Twain and Charles Dickens in productions staged by the Largely Literary Theater Company, the touring troupe he founded in 2002 with his wife, actress Sara Showman. An adjunct professor at Kent State University, he teaches two classes each semester: Reviewing Film and Television and Vampires on Film and Television.



Past Shows:

  • Mystery of Edgar Allan Poe's Death / Ancient Codes

    Author Mark Dawidziak delved into the life, final days and mysterious death of iconic American writer Edgar Allan Poe. Followed by filmmaker Melissa Tittl, who discussed her new documentary, Code 12, which examines the secret nature of reality.More »
  • Detecting the Paranormal

    Greg Lawson discussed his work as a paranormal detective. In the first hour, Mark Dawidziak talked about television and cinematic vampires.More »

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