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Hugo de Garis

Hugo de Garispicture


Prof. Hugo de Garis is an expert in artificial intelligence and robotics. Before retiring in 2010, de Garis ran the Artificial Brain Lab at Xiamen University, China, where he taught theoretical physics and computer science. He is probably best known for his concept of the Artilect War in which he predicts that a sizable proportion of humanity will not accept being cyborged and will not permit the risk of human extinction at the hands of godlike artilects.



Past shows:

AI Dangers & Intelligent Design / Catastrophic Threats

Dr. Hugo de Garis spoke about threats from AI, and the physics behind intelligent design. Followed by Bryan Walsh on catastrophic threats to the humanity. More »

Godlike Machines

Artificial brain designer and theoretical physicist Prof. Hugo de Garis raised the issue of whether humanity should build godlike intelligent machines. Because of technological advances, he foresees a time in this century when artificial intelligence can be developed at the... More »


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