Dee has a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology from Pacific Graduate School of Psychology, Palo Alto University. She also has an M.S. in Industrial & Organizational Psychology from San Jose State University. She has conducted dissertation research at the Dept. of Immunology at Stanford University Medical Center, Palo Alto, CA.

Other experience includes treating people with intellectual/developmental disabilities at a California Regional Center. She is a former San Francisco chapter director of an international wine education and tasting society---Les Amis du Vin. She is a former member of Anton LaVey's Satanic Church in the 1960's.

Past Shows:

  • Maritime Conspiracy

    Matthew Campbell and Kit Chellel discussed their shocking exposé of the corrupt inner-workings of international shipping told through the lens of the hijacking of the Brillante Virtuoso. First-hour guest, "Dee," detailed her time as a member of Anton LaVey's Church of Satan.More »

Last Night

Alternative Health / Triangular UFO Encounter
Alternative Health / Triangular UFO Encounter
Dr. Joel Wallach shared the benefits of natural remedies that aid in the body’s recovery from chronic conditions. Followed by graphic designer Colin Saunders on his 1999 encounter with a triangular UFO.


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