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Mark DiBona

Mark DiBonapicture


Mark DiBona is a 33-year veteran officer who has served in many capacities as a cop. He has suffered terrific PTSD issues and has survived a suicide attempt and is now public information officer for bluehelp.org which is the nation’s leading provider of services for cops who are hurting and dealing with mental health issues.


Past shows:

Law Enforcement Forum / Battling Demonic Spirits

In a forum on the state of law enforcement, Ron Barber was joined by Mark DiBona and Randy Sutton. Followed by Cheryll Jones' interview of "spiritual warrior" Bill Bean. More »

Law Enforcement Challenges / Paranormal & the Soul

Ron Barber and guests discussed challenges for law enforcement. Followed by Dr. Claude Swanson on paranormal evidence and the soul. More »

Last Night

Author Mark Shaw discussed the suspicious death of Dorothy Kilgallen. Followed by historian Jude Southerland Kessler, on the history and success of the Beatles, and the life of John Lennon.

More »


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