Ed Weigle

Ed Weigle


Ed Weigle has remained one of America’s most prolific voice actors for more than 40 years. Since age 13, he’s lent his unmistakable voice to thousands of radio and TV commercials, promos, and trailers— even Aerosmith’s 2012 music video, “Legendary Child.”  For nearly 20 years, he's created, voiced, and produced all radio spots for World Wrestling Entertainment, in markets worldwide. He also can be heard doing “Tech Tips” on Speed’s “Two Guys Garage,” plus vocal contributions to the national cable channel’s “Truck U.”

Since 2008, he’s been the announcer and occasional co-host of one of the longest-running nationally syndicated radio programs on American radio, “The Cigar Dave Show.” It was heard on more than 160 US radio stations weekly until it ended its 25-year run on terrestrial radio to become a current daily series of internet podcasts, heard globally. In 2015, he was honored to be featured in the book, “Legendary Locals of Latrobe,” along with his hometown friends Mister Rogers and Arnold Palmer.


Past Shows:

  • Voice Acting / Reincarnation Research

    Voice actor Ed Weigle talked about his career providing voiceovers for WWE, Aerosmith videos, and more. Followed by Jim Matlock of the Parapsychology Foundation on the ways evidence for reincarnation and past lives is interpreted.More »

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