Mark Farner

Mark Farner


Legendary all-American frontman and guitarist, Mark Farner was the engine that pulled the original Grand Funk Railroad repeatedly to the top of the charts, and today, he’s a platinum recording artist 30 times over. At age 70, Farner still commands the stage with the same intensity and outpouring of love as he did during the summer of ’69.



Past Shows:

  • Grand Funk Railroad & Music / Open Lines

    Legendary all-American frontman and guitarist Mark Farner discussed his remarkable life and career in music. The latter half of the program featured Open Lines.More »
  • Alien Presence & Gov't Disclosure

    Retired Command Sergeant Major Robert O. Dean discussed the reality of the alien presence, government disclosure policies, and classified information gleaned from years of research and time spent serving at the Supreme Headquarters Operations Center (SHOC), the NATO war room.More »

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