Forest Tennant

Forest Tennant


Forest Tennant has spent most of his medical career as a practicing physician and researcher in the fields of addiction and pain medicine. He has published over 300 scientific articles and books in these fields. For his efforts, he was recently given a “50 Year Achievement” award by “Pain Week.” In this 50-year span, he has been a US Army Medical Officer, UCLA Professor, Public Health Physician, Drug Advisor for the Los Angeles Dodgers, NASCAR, and the National Football League. He was the editor of Practical Pain Management for 12 years.

He recently retired from clinical practice to do research on intractable pain and the spinal cord disorder known as arachnoiditis. He and his wife, Miriam, have been married 55 years and they split their residence between West Covina, California and Wichita, Kansas where they headquarter their real estate company, Tennant Homes. Their charitable giving and medical research are sponsored by the Tennant Foundation.



Past Shows:

  • JFK's Medical Saga

    Pain management expert Dr. Forest Tennant discussed JFK's host of health issues, including a rare genetic disease that led to terrible back pain. First-hour guests, Bob, Paul, & Susie of The Cowsills, shared an update on their new music and touring schedule.More »

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