Matthew Fox

Matthew Fox


Matthew Fox, Ph.D. is a spiritual theologian, an Episcopal priest, and an activist for gender, racial and eco-justice. He has written 39 books that have been translated into over 60 languages. As founder of the University of Creation Spirituality in California and The Cosmic Mass, he conducts dozens of workshops each year and is a visiting scholar at the Academy for the Love of Learning. He is the recipient of many awards including: The Abbey Courage of Conscience Peace Award. Recent projects include Order of the Sacred Earth and Daily Meditations with Matthew Fox as well as The Cosmic Mass.



Past Shows:

  • RFK Assassination / Angels & Evil

    When Robert F. Kennedy was assassinated on the night of June 5, 1968, his aide Paul Schrade also was shot. Schrade shared his first-person account of what happened that night. Followed by theologian and activist Matthew Fox on creation spirituality, evil, and angels.More »
  • Angels in Science & Spirit

    Radical theologian and Episcopalian priest Matthew Fox (hours 2, 3, & 4) and maverick biologist Rupert Sheldrake (hours 3 & 4) joined forces to explore the nature of angels. First hour guest, author and hospice volunteer, Dannion Brinkley, talked about Veteran's Day, and...More »

Last Night

Moon Landing Hoax
Moon Landing Hoax
Bart Sibrel revealed why he thinks the Apollo moon landings were hoaxed and how government agencies have tried to stop the truth from getting out. In hour one, Nick Bryant and Pete Shinn on their efforts to bring the perpetrators in the Epstein trafficking network to justice.


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