Derek Grassman

Derek Grassman


Derek Grassman is the CEO of Kohilo Wind and inventor of Kohilo's core product. He has been working to make his mark in clean energy since 2006. While studying to become a Mechanical Engineer, Derek developed an advanced wind turbine system and designed Biomass Injection equipment for Mesa Reduction to install into coal power plants to reduce emissions. He now holds an international patent on Kohilo's wind turbine technology. Kohilo just purchased the former Welch Allyn factory in Skaneateles Falls, NY and is currently ramping up production of their clean energy products.


Past Shows:

  • Metaphysical Messages

    Psychic medium Sloan Bella discussed communicating with the Other Side. In hour one, Derek Grassman & Tom Warzecha addressed their "Vortex" wind turbine.More »

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