Tom Warzecha

Tom Warzecha


Tom Warzecha holds a degree in Criminal Justice, with several Political Science and Health and Safety certificates. He has worked in the steel industry as an analyst and technician, and security. He also worked in sales, marketing, political campaigns, and participated on several boards like Syracuse Economic Development Corp, and Northwest Community Recreation Programs. He became involved with Kohilo Wind while developing an import export business.


Past Shows:

  • Metaphysical Messages

    Psychic medium Sloan Bella discussed communicating with the Other Side. In hour one, Derek Grassman & Tom Warzecha addressed their "Vortex" wind turbine.More »

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Alien-Egyptian Connection / The Authentic Self
Alien-Egyptian Connection / The Authentic Self
Researcher Steve Quayle discussed an alien/Egyptian connection, recounting artifacts discovered on his latest expedition. Followed by shaman Adam C. Hall, who discussed unlearning fear-based thinking to reveal the authentic self.
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