L. A. Marzulli

L. A. Marzulli


L. A. Marzulli is an author, lecturer and filmmaker. He has penned 12 books including The Nephilim Trilogy which made the CBA best sellers list. He received an honorary doctorate for the series from his mentor Dr. I. D. E. Thomas, who was the Provost at Pacific International University. He was also honored with the Gold Medallion award from Chuck Missler at the K-House conference in 2014. His series On the Trail of the Nephilim I & II are full-color, over-sized books, which uncover startling evidence that there has been a massive cover-up of what he believes are the remains of the Nephilim, the giants mentioned in the Bible.

Marzulli teamed up with film producer Richard Shaw to create The Watchers series. There are now 11 installments in the series and Watchers 7: UFO Physical Evidence won UFO Best Film and the Peoples Choice Awards, at the UFO Congress in 2014. Marzulli and Shaw took their second trip to Peru in January of 2014, filming ancient artifacts and megalithic structures at various locations, and also filmed the unwrapping of a 2000-year-old mummy skull, at Sr. Juan Navarro's Paracas History Museum, which was revealed in Watchers 8. Marzulli has launched a new series, The Watchman Chronicles and his first independent film was released in March of 2017. The title of the series is "In Their Own Words: UFOs are Real!"




Past Shows:

  • Roswell Revisited / Channeling Jordan

    Filmmaker L. A. Marzulli discussed his latest work on the 1947 UFO crash in Roswell. Followed by psychologist Matthew McKay on his channeled communications with his deceased son.More »
  • Out-of-Place Artifacts / Psychic Abilities & Crystals

    Researcher L. A. Marzulli discussed his latest work on out-of-place artifacts. Followed by empath and intuitive Michelle Welch on her psychic skills and the energy of crystals.More »
  • Cattle Mutilation Mystery / Insights of a Medium

    Filmmaker L. A. Marzulli discussed his latest work on unexplained livestock mutilations. Followed by psychic medium Ericka Boussarhane on her process and communications with the departed.More »
  • Crop Circle Mysteries / Transforming Negative Experiences

    Filmmaker L. A. Marzulli discussed his latest work researching the phenomenon of crop circles. Followed by psychotherapist Dr. Donna Marks on turning negative experiences into positive ones.More »
  • Alien Abduction / Life of Bill Mumy

    Author and filmmaker L. A. Marzulli talked about his latest documentary researching the phenomenon of alien abduction. Followed by actor and musician Bill Mumy on the release of his autobiography, and his work in such shows as Lost in Space.More »
  • UFOs & Disclosure / Aliens from Thiaoouba

    Filmmaker L. A. Marzulli discussed his latest research into UFOs and disclosure. Followed by Chinese translator Samuel Chong on Michel Desmarquet's book "Thiaoouba Prophecy" and his tale of being abducted to an alien planet.More »
  • Nephilim & Ancient Mysteries / Alien Contact & Guidance

    Researcher L.A. Marzulli discussed the Nephilim, alien incursions, and hidden ancient mysteries. Followed by contactee Judy Carroll on alien communications and guidance.More »
  • UFOs & the Great Deception / Afterlife Communications

    Researcher L. A. Marzulli discussed his latest work connecting UFOs to a nefarious agenda. Followed by afterlife expert Sandra Champlain on communicating with the spirit realm.More »
  • Lost Civilizations & the Nephilim / Bigfoot Research

    Filmmaker L. A. Marzulli discussed his latest work on the Nephilim and the hidden history of lost civilizations. Followed by researchers Kenney Irish and Russell Acord on Bigfoot theories and evidence.More »
  • Nephilim Today / Alien Implants

    L. A. Marzulli discussed how the Nephilim returned after the Great Flood, and why they're here today. Followed by Derrel Sims, who talked about tiny devices implanted into humans by aliens.More »
  • Paracas Skulls & Nephilim / Supporting Veterans

    L. A. Marzulli revealed his research on the mysterious Paracas elongated skulls. Dannion Brinkley spoke on his longtime work with veterans.More »
  • Fatima & America's Stonehenge / Dream Decoding & Infuences

    L. A. Marzulli discussed the Fatima events, and mound builder mysteries. Followed by Kelly Sullivan Walden on decoding dreams, and how they can be influenced.More »
  • America's Stonehenge / Ancient Codes & the Paranormal

    L.A. Marzulli discussed America's Stonehenge. Followed by Michael Feeley on the paranormal and ancient codes, and an hour of Open Lines on coronavirus.More »
  • Secret Door Special XXI

    George Noory welcomed three surprise guests and tried to guess their identity based on their voices. In the first hour, Lauren Weinstein talked about tech.More »
  • Mysterious Mounds & the Supernatural / Paranormal Texas

    L.A. Marzulli updated his work on mysterious and ancient mounds in North America. Followed by Tui Snider with tales of paranormal Texas.More »
  • Mysterious Mounds / Cayce & Ancient America

    L.A. Marzulli discussed mysterious mounds in North America. Followed by Greg Little on Edgar Cayce, Atlantis, and ancient mysteries in America.More »
  • Mysterious Mounds / Star Seed People

    L.A. Marzulli delved into mysterious mounds found all over North America. Followed by Christian von Lahr on Star Seed people.More »
  • Satanic Abuse/ Egregores & the Occult

    L.A. Marzulli and Russ Dizdar discussed satanic ritual abuse and underground bases. Followed by Mark Stavishon occult entities and thoughtforms.More »
  • Fatima & UFOs/ Psychic Meanings of Tattoos

    L.A. Marzulli presented new research on the Fatima incident. Followed by Lisa Barretta on the psychic aspects of tattoos.More »
  • Elongated Skulls Mystery/ Spiritual Bridges

    L.A. Marzulli reported on testing of the elongated skulls of Paracas. Followed by John Holland on communications from the spirit realm.More »
  • Peruvian Skulls/ Paranormal Apps

    AuthorL.A. Marzulli reported on his research into the Peruvian elongated skulls (Related images). Anthony F. Sanchez talked about his paranormal apps.More »
  • Fatima Miracle/ Life of Aleister Crowley

    Researcher L.A. Marzulli discussed his new work on Fatima. Followed by ceremonial magician Lon Milo DuQuette on the life of Aleister Crowley.More »
  • Revelation Prophecy & the Rapture/ Jack the Ripper Mystery

    L.A. Marzulli discussed Revelation prophecies, and the Rapture. Followed by Daniel Friedman, MD with his theory that Arthur Conan Doyle was Jack the Ripper.More »
  • Pet Health/ Roswell & Alien Secrets

    Pet health expert Rodney Habib reported on a rise in cancers in dogs and cats. L.A. Marzulli shared new details about the Roswell UFO crash.More »
  • Alternative Health/ Paranormal News

    Dr. Joel Wallach discussed the benefits of remedies and supplements, and L. A. Marzulli told of the latest developments in the paranormal.More »
  • Nephilim and Hybrids/ Other Side Messages

    In the first half, author and researcher L.A. Marzulli discussed the Nephilim, giants, hybrids, and various anomalous skulls and creatures. In the latter half, psychic, medium, and spiritual teacher Vincent Genna discussed his work and the messages he receives and deciphers...More »
  • Location of Atlantis/ Skulls, Giants, & Anomalies

    In the first half, research physicist and author Stan Deyo discussed his most recent work, a startling new theory on the location of Atlantis. In the latter half, author and researcher L.A. Marzulli and writer/producer Richard Shaw spoke about their latest 'Watchers'...More »
  • Russia & Current Events/ Prophecy & Chaos

    In the first half, analyst of geopolitics and foreign policy Craig B. Hulet offered commentary on the Russian attacks in Syria, and current news. In the latter half, author and researcher L.A. Marzulli and writer/producer Richard Shaw discussed their ongoing work on the...More »
  • Secret Door: Birthday Edition

    Who was behind the secret door? As George celebrated his birthday, he welcomed seven favorite C2C regulars throughout the night. In order of appearance, we heard from David Paulides, Richard C. Hoagland, Robin Falkov, L.A. Marzulli, Ian Punnett (Twitter), Graham Hancock, and...More »
  • Giants & the Nephilim

    Author and researcher L.A. Marzulli discussed his latest adventures uncovering evidence for the existence of the race of giant humans called the Nephilim, complete with mummies, museums, caves, and gigantic skulls, as well as the story of excavations conducted on Catalina...More »
  • Jet Crashes / Alien Anomalies

    In the first half, former police officer specializing in accident investigation, James Sanders, offered analysis of the Malaysian jet crash in Ukraine, as well as insights into the downing of TWA Flight 800, on its 18th anniversary. In the latter half, author L.A. Marzulli...More »
  • Strange Occurrences / Elongated Skulls

    In the first half, media personality and columnist for the NY Daily News, Linda Stasi, talked about a string of strange and serendipitous occurrences that took place during her research trips for her books The Sixth Station, and the forthcoming sequel The Book of Judas. In...More »
  • UFOs & Alien Deception

    Author and researcher L.A.Marzulli discussed his UFO and ET research that went into his latest documentary Watchers 7 (trailer). There are some 2,000 UFO sightings a month in recent years, including huge motherships. First hour guest, brain researcher Neil Slade talked...More »
  • Nephilim Secrets

    Author and researcher L.A. Marzulli discussed his ongoing work on the 'Watchers' and the cosmic battle instigated by the Nephilim or fallen angels, whom he believes have tinkered with mankind's DNA. First hour guest, author Barbara Garson talked about the lasting effects...More »
  • End of the Mayan Calendar Extravaganza

    George Noory checked in on the status of the post Mayan calendar world with various guests, including Richard C. Hoagland, John Hogue Major Ed Dames, Mike Bara, Barbara Marx Hubbard, L.A. Marzulli, Dannion Brinkley, Dr. Bruce Goldberg, Glynis McCants, Whitley Strieber, Wynn...More »
  • Aliens, Planet X, & Prophecy

    Author and researcher L.A. Marzulli discussed his ongoing work on his Watchers DVD-series (in collaboration with film producer Richard Shaw), and the various topics they investigated. First hour guest, author and Board certified internist Dr. John McDougall argued that a...More »
  • Space Travel & Creature Forensics

    Forensic artist and alternative investigator, Bill McDonald, shared updates on several of his projects including the biology of the Loch Ness monster, as well as how advances in technology will facilitate future long distance space travel. First hour guest, researcher L.A....More »
  • Nephilim, Giants, & Prophecy

    Author and researcher L.A. Marzulli discussed evidence for Nephilim in the Americas including skeletons of giants unearthed in the U.S., and archeological formations which pre-date Native American culture. First hour guest, scientist and author Bernardo Kastrup talked about...More »
  • Understanding the Universe

    Expert in space computational technology, Scott Tyson, has been an advisor to the office of the Secretary of Defense. He presented his cosmological theory, and argued that many accepted scientific notions or paradoxes about the universe are wrong. According to Tyson, the...More »
  • The Cosmic War

    Joining host John B. Wells (email), author and researcher L.A. Marzulli discussed the signs that an unseen heavenly war being fought in another dimension is about to spill over into our dimension. Two forces have been battling for millennia with the entire cosmos as their...More »
  • Prophecy & Apocalypse

    Author and researcher L.A. Marzulli discussed his latest research on biblical prophecy that suggests to him that the recent increase in global turmoil, calamities, and earth changes are the birth pangs of the apocalypse. The month of April had the deadliest weather in American...More »
  • 'Judgment Day' Rapture

    George spoke with several guests about the predicted date of May 21st as the End of the World, including Neil Saavedra, producer of The Jesus Christ Show, author L.A. Marzulli, Dr. Joye Pugh, and storyteller Lionel Fanthorpe. Open Lines followed.More »
  • UFOs & the Star of Bethlehem

    Author L.A. Marzulli discussed his latest research on the evidence of UFOs that fly with impunity in our skies and offered an explanation of the Bethlehem star of 2000 years ago. First hour guest, astronomer Seth Shostak shared SETI updates.More »
  • Earth Changes & Biblical Prophecy

    Author and researcher L.A. Marzulli discussed his latest research exploring various events that he believes could be harbingers to prophecy in the Book of Revelation. First hour guest, Capt. Kelly Sweeney shared an update on the BP oil spill.More »
  • Aliens & 'The Great Deception'

    Appearing for the full 4-hour show, author L.A. Marzulli discussed his latest research exploring various global phenomena that are harbingers to the coming 'Great Deception.' A war in the Middle East will involve a nuclear exchange and trigger the 'Great Deception' in which...More »
  • Mothman: Theories & Reports

    Filmmaker and paranormal researcher Travis Shortt discussed his extensive research into the Mothman sightings. During the evening, filmmaker Charlie McCracken and author L.A. Marzullijoined the conversation. First hour guest, trends analyst Gerald Celente offered commentary...More »
  • UFO Contacts

    Author L.A. Marzulli discussed his research exploring UFO phenomena and contacts with entities.More »
  • Prophecy & the Coming Deception

    Researcher L.A.Marzulli discussed how a recent string of events validates notions of a coming great deception, as foretold in ancient prophecies.He cited the Myanmar cyclone, the Chinese earthquake, and other natural disasters, along with the Middle East tensions as being...More »
  • Mothman & the Antichrist

    Author L. A. Marzulli discussed his research into the 'Luciferian Conspiracy,' as well as Mothman encounters. The conspiracy, he explained, concerns a satanic entity who wants to be worshipped; he'll take the form of the Antichrist, coming initially as a man of peace. Whoever...More »
  • Fallen Angels & Biblical Prophecy

    UFO researcher and student of ancient manuscripts, L. A. Marzulli shared his views on the Nephilim (fallen angels), aliens, biblical prophecy and the Apocalypse.More »
  • Biblical Prophecy: Iran vs. Israel

    UFO researcher and student of ancient manuscripts, Lynn Marzulli, shared his theories on how current events in the Middle East and Europe are fulfilling biblical prophecy for cataclysm. Marzulli set the stage by reading a passage about an Iranian missile attack against Israel...More »
  • Fallen Angels & the Anti-Christ

    Author of The Nephilim Trilogy, Lynn Marzulli discussed his research into ancient manuscripts, UFOs, fallen angels and a race called the Nephilim.The Nephilim were giants of extraordinary size and strength who were the offspring of fallen angels and human women, Marzulli...More »

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