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Open Lines

About the show

Due to technical difficulties, the show was live for only the final 90 minutes of the program. Guest host Connie Willis (info) took Open Line calls from listeners.

Joe in Monterey, California, emphasized the importance of communication and the symbolism behind the program having technical difficulties, suggesting there may be some who wish to suppress the truth, especially regarding topics like extraterrestrials and paranormal phenomena. Joe discussed the manipulation of souls and energy by negative extraterrestrials, and cautioned against discussing certain topics to avoid interference with the show. He also delved into the significance of emotions, particularly love, in understanding higher planes of existence and expanding consciousness. Joe contended that love is under attack and fear inhibits human potential.

Jeff from Kentucky expressed belief in alien visitation and mentioned personal encounters, including one on his family farm in Kentucky where he observed three figures communicating in a manner resembling "verbal communication." He described their language as a blend of chirping birds and human speech, and recalled receiving a telepathic message assuring him they wouldn't harm him. The conversation veered to the 2024 Kentucky Derby. David from Columbus, Ohio, highlighted a horse named Fierceness as a strong contender to win based on its performance in the Florida derby. He also mentioned a horses named Justify, providing his insights into its potential performance and chances of winning.

The first two and a half hours of the show featured a replay from 4/26/24 when Richard Syrett welcomed Isaac Weishaupt for a discussion on the illuminati in pop culture, followed by Opens Lines.

The interview with Philip Kinsella on the Greys and alien abduction will be rescheduled for a later date.

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