Raven Grimassi

Raven Grimassi


Raven Grimassi is a practicing Witch and an award-winning author of over 20 books on Witchcraft, Wicca, Magic, and Inner Mysteries Traditions. He brings to the table over 40 years of personal experience, study, and an in-depth understanding of these fields. Raven is a popular lecturer and workshop presenter all across the United States. It is his life’s work to preserve the roots of pre-Christian European spirituality and mystical themes.



Past Shows:

  • Communicating with Ancestors & Open Lines

    George Noory was joined by neo-pagan scholar, author, and practicing witch Raven Grimassi, who discussed witchcraft and his new work exploring the realm of the ancestors and the role of reincarnation in the soul's relationship to ancestral lineage. Open Lines followed in the...More »
  • Witchcraft/ Evolution & Trends

    In the first half of the program scholar and author of over twelve books on witchcraft, Wicca, and neopaganism, Raven Grimassi, spoke about the various forms of witchcraft, as well as spells, and ghosts. In the latter half, author Matt Ridley talked about how new trends and...More »

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