John Guydon

John Guydon


John Guydon is the CEO and co-founder of The Lassy Project, an organization that provides a free service, giving parents and guardians the ability to notify an entire local community about their missing child in seconds.


Past Shows:

  • Supernatural Tales & Strange Crimes / Open Lines

    Filling in for George, Dave Schrader (email) was joined in the first half by freelance writer and crypto expert Brent Swancer (Facebook), who shared tales of the supernatural and strange crimes, including the case of demons on trial, a vampire panic in New England, and the story...More »

Last Night

Conspiracy Theories / Spirit World & Afterlife
Conspiracy Theories / Spirit World & Afterlife
Author and skeptic Michael Shermer delved into conspiracy theories and why people are drawn to them. Followed by medium Susan Grau on dying, her near-death experience, and the afterlife.


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