Kelly Milner Halls

Kelly Milner Halls


Kelly Milner Halls is an award winning children's writer specializing in well researched, quirky nonfiction topics including cryptids, aliens, ghosts, dinosaurs, video games, and more. With more than 1,500 articles and 40 books in print, she tells young readers she gets paid for being weird, and that is exactly the truth. She shares her passion for deep research with students and educators all over the country, but makes her home in Spokane, WA, with two daughters, two dogs, too many cats, and a five foot Rock Iguana named Gigantor.



Past Shows:

  • Tech Updates/ Ghosts, Bigfoot & UFOs

    In the first half, privacy expert Lauren Weinstein talked about issues related to technology, and reacted to a new study that finds 25% of teens are constantly online. In the latter half, author Kelly Milner Halls, who has spent the past 20 years exploring life's mysteries...More »

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