Paul Halpern

Paul Halpern


Acclaimed science writer and physicist Dr. Paul Halpern is the author of many science books that explore the subjects of space, time, higher dimensions, dark energy, dark matter, exoplanets, particle physics, and cosmology. He is the recipient of a Guggenheim Fellowship, a Fulbright Scholarship, and an Athenaeum Literary Award.



Past Shows:

  • Big Bang History / Visionary Experiences

    Science writer and physicist Dr. Paul Halpern discussed his recent work on the history of the Big Bang theory. Followed by shamanic explorer Matthew Pallamary on visionary experiences and psychoactive plants.More »
  • Science of Synchronicity / Pres. Eisenhower & Aliens

    Science writer and physicist Paul Halpern discussed synchronicity in relation to quantum physics. Followed by researcher Paul Blake Smith on a report that Pres. Eisenhower met with aliens in 1954.More »
  • Revolution of Physics/ Bizarre Phenomena

    Physicist Paul Halpern discussed the pioneering ideas of Richard Feynman and John Wheeler. Followed by filmmaker Seth Breedlove on bizarre sightings.More »

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