Tony Hendra

Tony Hendra


Tony Hendra has been described by The Independent of London as "one of the most brilliant comic talents of the post-war period" and by the New York Times simply as “legendary” He began his career in Cambridge University Footlights as the comedy partner of Graham Chapman, was the first editor hired by the founders of National Lampoon, produced co-wrote and directed the Lampoon’s off-Broadway hit Lemmings, which gave John Belushi, Chevy Chase and Christopher Guest their first starring roles, edited the classic parody Not The New York Times, starred in This Is Spinal Tap as Ian Faith, co-created and co-produced the long-running British satirical series Spitting Image for which he was nominated in 1985 for a British Academy Award; and was Editor-in-Chief of Spy Magazine. He is currently working with Lampoon and TV veteran Janis Hirsch on a scripted series about the glory years of the Lampoon.



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