Deborah Herman

Deborah Herman


Deborah Herman is an author, literary agent and publishing entrepreneur. Herman's most recent book is as collaborator with Dianne "Snake" Lake, the youngest member of the notorious Manson Family, who for the first time reveals her story of survival and how she helped put Charles Manson and the other murderers in jail. Herman set her sights on a writing books like these while still in her first year of law school at the Ohio State University College of Law. Herman worked as a trial lawyer for a few years but then moved into writing full time. The first Manson book, “Member of the Family,” was a fulfillment of a lifelong goal.

Deborah has written on other subjects including parenting and motherhood and the book for writers titled "Spiritual Writing from Inspiration to Publication" now being revised to reflect the digital age. Unbeknownst to many who know her, part of her motivation to join Law and Journalism as an educational program was the discovery of a "family secret." She has yet to take hand to keyboard to tell this story, but it began her interest in narrative non-fiction, memoir and eventually true crime.

Herman's interests include horses, jewelry making and bead weaving, drawing and painting. She resides in New England.


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