Gene Huff

Gene Huff


Gene Huff moved to Las Vegas in 1979 and then met Bob Lazar in the mid-1980s. He has owned a real estate appraisal business for the past 25 years. He knew Bob Lazar before, during and after he was in the flying disc reverse engineering program at S-4. He wrote the video tape "The Lazar Tape and Excerpts from the Government Bible" and co-produced it with Bob. He also wrote the screenplay "S4, The Bob Lazar Story" which has twice been optioned by Hollywood studios but has not yet been made. He also co-owned Tri-Dot Productions with Bob and produced the "Desert Blast" summer fireworks, guns, & explosives blowout for 10 years with Bob before he moved to New Mexico a few years ago. He is currently working on 2 different screenplays and researching a book on why it's dangerous to admit you're an American while traveling abroad in today's world, how and why things got that way, and how we can prevent it from getting worse in the future.

Past Shows:

  • Area 51 Revelations, Alien Implants, & Nanotechnology

    George Knapp welcomed documentary filmmaker, artist, and researcher, Jeremy Corbell, for a discussion on his various film projects which cover topics such as ufological icons John Lear and Bob Lazar, alien abductions implants, and a scientist working with advanced...More »
  • Revisiting Area 51

    George Knapp welcomed legendary Area 51 whistleblower Bob Lazar and screenwriter Gene Huff for a discussion on the 25th anniversary of the infamous November 1989 segment on Las Vegas TV station KLAS which revealed the existence of the clandestine military base.More »
  • Area 51 Revisited

    George Knapp was joined by the legendary and elusive Bob Lazar, along with Gene Huff and John Lear, for a discussion on the 20th anniversary of the program UFOs: The Best Evidence which first told the story of Area 51.More »
  • Discovering Area 51

    Aviator John Lear and screenwriter Gene Huff joined George Knapp to commemorate the 20th Anniversary of the Area 51 mystery. The duo discussed their role, alongside Bob Lazar, in bringing the Area 51 story to the world.More »
  • Area 51

    Filling in for Art Bell, George Knapp, an investigative reporter for KLAS-TV Channel 8 in Las Vegas, was joined by Gene Huff and Bob Lazar for a discussion about the famed Area 51, which George has been investigating and reporting on for many years.More »

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