Leela Hutchison

Leela Hutchison


Leela Hutchison is a Graduate Gemologist, explorer, teacher and presenter on crystals, gems and minerals. She specializes in educating listeners in the remarkable qualities of Selenite, considered by many to be one of the major power generating energies of the emerging new global consciousness. She began showing rare images of the earliest exploration of the Giant Selenite Crystals found in Mexico starting in May, of 2001 to audiences in Kauai. From the overwhelming interest from that audience, invitations were extended to teach in other places in the world.

Leela is also a healing arts practitioner with more than 3,000 hours of hands-on-healing. She specializes in crystal energy amplification with the use of rough and faceted gemstones, quartz and Selenite crystals. Her classes provide education for others to utilize these same healing modalities through the layout of grids of crystalline energy patterns on the body and the land.



Past Shows:

  • Traumatic Brain Injury / The Crystal Caves

    Dr. David W. Smith detailed his study of Traumatic Brain Injury and his inventions to prevent and treat the condition. Followed by Cheryll Jones' interview with gemologist Leela Hutchison on Mexico's Crystal Caves.More »
  • Space News/ Giant Crystals

    David Livingston of The Space Show discussed developments in space exploration. Followed by Leela Hutchison on her explorations into giant crystal caves.More »

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