James P. Lough

James P. Lough


James P. Lough is a retired attorney who specialized in government law, including constitutional law, election law, and appellate practice. He also taught “Decision Making in Urban Communities” at the San Diego State University School of Public Affairs. During his career, he served as City Attorney for Hermosa Beach, Fresno, Solana Beach, Imperial Beach, and Lemon Grove. He also represented multiple cities on elections, constitutional issues, internal investigations, and government ethics. His interest in UFOs comes from having witnessed several at close range over his lifetime. Jim considers himself an experiencer and works with Yvonne Smith of CERO.



Past Shows:

  • Afghanistan War / Government & UFOs

    Author Jack Carr discussed US' plans to pull out of Afghanistan, Iraq, and what it's like to option his stories for Hollywood productions. Followed by retired government attorney James P. Lough on his UFO briefing book.More »

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