James Semivan

James Semivan


James Semivan is a co-founder and Vice President Operations of To The Stars Academy of Arts & Science. Prior to joining the organization in 2017, Mr. Semivan was, and still is, the owner of a consulting firm called JimSem1, Inc. (formerly JimSem1, LLC), which he founded in 2007 after retiring from the Central Intelligence Agency that year. Since his retirement, Mr. Semivan has been primarily working for JimSem1, where he has been consulting with the Intelligence Community (IC) on a variety of classified topics that include IC Leadership training, CIA tradecraft training, and IC programs for countering weapons of mass destruction.

Mr. Semivan retired from the Central Intelligence Agency’s Directorate of Operations after 25 years working as an operations officer both overseas and domestically. He was a member of the CIA’s Senior Intelligence Service. Mr. Semivan has a BS and a BA degree from The Ohio State University and a MA in English Literature from San Francisco State University.



Past Shows:

  • UFOs and the CIA

    Two veteran CIA officers, Jim Semivan, and John Ramirez joined George Knapp to discuss the CIA's role in the study of UFOs and their own personal encounters.More »

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