Nick Seneca Jankel

Nick Seneca Jankel


Nick Seneca Jankel is an award-winning thought leader, author, philosopher, professional speaker, transformation catalyst, leadership futurist, and educator who develops original thinking and powerful tools and processes to ensure pioneering organizations, leaders and people across the planet can transform themselves, their problems, and our world. His brain-based, wisdom-wired philosophy and methodology for lasting transformation - The Switch On Way - has been used by over 50,000 people and 50+ Fortune 500 companies across the globe; as well as being featured in his TV shows on BBC and MTV.

Nick has advised and developed the most senior leaders organizations like No.10 Downing Street, Nike, HSBC, WWF, Kellogg's, Microsoft and Oxfam and has lectured at London Business School, SciencesPo, Oxford University and Yale University. He received a Triple First from Cambridge University in Medicine and the History and Philosophy of Science. He is a co-founder of sustainable innovation, leadership development and personal transformation company Switch On.



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Violent Bigfoot Encounters / Yeshua Codes
Violent Bigfoot Encounters / Yeshua Codes
Paranormal researcher William Sheehan reported on violent encounters with Bigfoot. Pastor Carl Gallups discussed his book, The Yeshua Protocol, which reveals Yeshua "codes" in the Old Testament and encoded in our DNA.
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