Tanya Carroll Richardson

Tanya Carroll Richardson


Tanya Carroll Richardson is an inspirational and spiritual author, a professional intuitive who has worked with thousands of clients all over the world, and a regular contributor to MindBodyGreen.com. Her nine nonfiction books — including Empath Heart, Are You an Earth Angel? and A Year of Self-Love — and her two oracle decks, Awakening Intuition and Grief, Grace, and Healing, often appear on Amazon bestseller lists.



Past Shows:

  • Soulmates & Angels / Open Lines

    Tanya Carroll Richardson discussed psychic pathways, Twin Flames, soulmates, soul contracts, and angels. Followed by Open Lines in the latter half of the program.More »
  • Encounters With Angels/ Open Lines

    Tanya Carroll Richardson shared messages given to her from the angel realm on spiritual topics. Open Lines followed.More »
  • Ancient Mars / Angel Messages

    In the first half, plasma physicist John Brandenburg, PhD, discussed why he believes a faction of the government wants controversial images of lost civilizations and nuclear weapon signatures on Mars to be released to the public in order to build support for a manned mission to...More »

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