James Szubski

James Szubski


Former volunteer Search & Rescue EMT, wildland firefighter, and mountain guide James Szubski is the Chief Operating Officer of Margie’s Outdoor Store in Bingen, WA. He is an expert in a wide array of paranormal activity in the Columbia River Gorge, including the Klickitat Ape.


Past Shows:

  • Columbia River Gorge Phenomena

    James Szubski revealed how the electromagnetic environment of the Columbia River Gorge might play a role in people experiencing unusual phenomena. In the first hour, legendary Doors drummer John Densmore reflected on the band's music and legacy.More »
  • UFO Disclosure / Northwest Cryptids & UFOs

    Lobbyist and truth seeker Stephen Bassett shared UFO disclosure updates. Followed by mountain guide James Szubski on paranormal activity in the Columbia River Gorge.More »