Jason Mattson

Jason Mattson


Jason Mattson is the Executive Director of the Lewis County Historical Museum in Chehalis, WA. There he helps to preserve and share the unique, interesting, and sometimes strange history of Lewis County. In his spare time he enjoys a variety of creative projects in graphic design, sculpture, and sign painting. He enjoys exploring life in the wonderful and strange Pacific Northwest.

His ongoing projects focus on preserving and restoring the legacies of small town life including the Yard Birds Shopping Emporium and a local watering hole, The Olympic Club. Similarly he’s also lent his skills to several projects in support of the Twin Peaks franchise. In life he encourages creativity and loves to throw a big party once a year to celebrate flying saucers.


Past Shows:

  • Bigfoot, UFOs, & Military Involvement

    Sasquatch expert Henry Franzoni delved into Bigfoot sightings, UFOs, and military involvement. In the first hour, Jason Mattson reported on paranormal activity and UFO sightings in Southwest Washington, including Kenneth Arnold's 1947 "flying saucer" incident.More »

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