Maggie Jessup

Maggie Jessup


Maggie Jessup is a 5th generation Texan, raised on the Texas/Mexico border where she learned to ride, rope, and shoot (and capture her share of rattlers) from her Texas Ranger grandfather. The toughness she developed comes in handy as a publicity maven running her own international PR firm: Platform Strategy. She co-authored the book Fame 101, is an expert on personal branding, provides expert PR/publicity commentary for several national news outlets, and co-stars on the new ReelzTV series Celebrity Damage Control.



Past Shows:

  • Celebrity & The Beatles

    George Knapp was joined in the first half of the program by author and PR expert Maggie Jessup, who shared her insights on personal branding and how to become famous. In the latter half, Beatles scholar Chuck Gunderson talked about what it was like during the Fab Four's North...More »