Jim Poesl

Jim Poesl


Jim Poesl is a Certified Safety Professional and Certified Hazardous Materials manager with over 30 years of experience in the environmental health and safety field. He has a BS degree from Richard Stockton University in Environmental Studies and an MS Degree in Environmental Policy from New Jersey Institute of Technology. He has extensive experience with OSHA Compliance on environmental cleanups, major construction projects, and disaster sites.

He is an OSHA Authorized Trainer Disaster Response Worker Trainer and an adjunct professor at New Jersey City University. Some of the projects he was involved with include the anthrax cleanups in 2001 in NYC, the Deep Water Horizon (BP) oil spill, and he spent 15 years in the oil industry. He hosts the Safety Wars Podcast and Radio Show on the Safety FM Network. 



Past Shows:

  • A New Perspective on Sitting Bull

    Author Ernie LaPointe talked about his grandfather, Hunkpapa Lakota chief Sitting Bull, and Native American spirituality and issues. In the first hour, industrial safety expert Jim Poesl will give an update on train derailments and accidents.More »
  • Preventing Railroad Disasters / Open Lines

    Environmental consultant Jim Poesl discussed the latest string of train derailments and accidents and how they could be avoided and cleaned up. Followed by Open Lines.More »

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