Joel L. Parkyn

Joel L. Parkyn


Dr. Joel L. Parkyn is the author of Exotheology: Theological Explorations of Intelligent Extraterrestrial Life and is an Adjunct Professor of Systematic Theology at Holy Apostles College and Seminary, CT. He received a Ph.D. in theology from Exeter University and specializes in Exotheology. Research areas include extraterrestrial intelligence and its import for theology and religion; the history and interface of science and religion from the modern period to the present, particularly the space sciences and astrobiology; and unidentified aerial phenomena, the extraterrestrial hypothesis, and their implications for Christian theology and religion.



Past Shows:

  • Life of Meat Loaf / Theology & ETs

    Dr. Joel L. Parkyn of Apostles College and Seminary addressed how Christianity would contend with a future reality of alien intelligence. In the first hour, music historian Harvey Kubernik discussed the remarkable life of the late singer, Meat Loaf.More »

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