Casey Kasem

Casey Kasem


Millions of fans around the world find the name Casey Kasem synonymous with musical countdowns. Casey set the standard for all countdown shows with his legendary weekly program American Top 40. Celebrating his 37th year as King of the Countdowns, Casey continues his unique style as host of several top radio shows, all airing on Clear Channel's Premiere Radio Networks. Casey Kasem's friendly, 'crackling' voice style has taken him to the top of his profession. The man who once dreamed of being a baseball player but ended up as a radio sports announcer in high school, has since become the youngest member ever inducted into the National Association of Broadcasters' Radio Hall of Fame. He has his own star on Hollywood Boulevard's Walk of Fame, a lifetime achievement award and many more such awards. In 2001, Casey released his own series of music CDs. Every year since, Casey has continued the music CD series with new releases. He leads a full and active life, yet there is the persistent belief in him that he can do more. His message to each individual is to believe that "I can make a difference" - then get involved. And he sets the example himself.


Past Shows:

  • Rebroadcast: "Skeptic's Cage" from 1/23/06

    In this rebroadcast from 1/23/06, skeptic Dr. Michael Shermer debated scientists Gary Schwartz, Russell Targ and Dean Radin on such topics as mediums and remote viewing. The first hour was a replay from 2/12/07, featuring Casey & Jeannie Kasem.More »
  • Project Merlin Update

    Futurist Paul Guercio and SDI physicist Dr. George Hart shared an update on the Merlin Project, their software-based forecasting technology.More »

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