Kendall Phillips

Kendall Phillips


Kendall Phillips is professor of communication and rhetorical studies at Syracuse University. He focuses on theories of democratic culture, the rhetoric of film, and aspects of public remembrance. He has published several books including: A Place of Darkness: The Rhetoric of Horror in Early American Cinema, Dark Directions: Romero, Craven, Carpenter and the Modern Horror Film, Projected Fears: Horror Films and American Culture, Framing Public Memory, and Controversial Cinema: The Films that Outraged America and his essays have appeared in such journals as Communication Monographs, Critical Studies in Media Communication, and Philosophy & Rhetoric.



Past Shows:

  • Kolchak & TV Horror / Open Lines

    Syracuse University professor Kendall Phillips discussed the 1972 TV horror movie The Night Stalker and subsequent series, Kolchak: The Night Stalker, which followed monster-hunting reporter Carl Kolchak. The remainder of the program featured Open Lines.More »

Last Night

Mysteries of the Old World / Contact with Humanoids
Mysteries of the Old World / Contact with Humanoids
Authors Jon Levi and David Edward discussed their book, Evidence of the Old World, which attempts to unravel hidden complexities in history. Researcher Preston Dennett reports on UFO encounters and accounts of people who have had face-to-face contact with humanoids.


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