Vennie Kocsis

Vennie Kocsis


Vennie Kocsis was born in Portsmouth, VA. She is a passionate supporter of cult abuse survivors and a strong activist against child abuse. Vennie's poetry collection, "Dusted Shelves", is available in both paperback and audio versions. Her journal, "Becoming Gratitude", is a supportive tool helping trauma survivors. Vennie resides in the Pacific Northwest where she continues to write, blog and share her story of healing from religious child abuse. She also enjoys creating art and singing.



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Astrology Forecast / Other Side Communications
Astrology Forecast / Other Side Communications
Professional astrologer Leslie McGuirk discussed how to use astrology to improve our lives, and her predictions for the rest of 2024. Followed by artist Laurie Majka, who spoke about messages she has received from the Other Side.


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